Welcome to the blog page of Dr Stephen Gordon. Stephen is an interdisciplinary scholar of medieval and early modern supernatural belief. He has an especial interest in the cultural, literary and material history of the medieval revenant. This was the subject of his doctoral thesis, entitled ‘The Walking Corpse in Medieval England: Literary and Archaeological Perspectives’. He was awarded his PhD by the University of Manchester in 2013. More recently he was the postdoctoral research assistant for the ‘Magic, Witches and Devils in the Early Modern World’ exhibition, held at the historic John Rylands Library in Manchester.

Additional academic interests include ritual magic and necromancy, Anglo-Norman historiography, disease theory, burial  archaeology, and the use of satire in medieval literature, topics on which he has published widely. He is also known to be a fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Custard Cream biscuits, and terrible horror movies.

This blog, then, aims to shed light on some the more unusual, obscure and colourful aspects of Stephen’s research. He hopes you find it all as fascinating as he does.


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